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I grew up with dogs of various breeds and always had one in our home until our first born child came into the world. At a very young age her asthma and allergies resulted in a pet free environment for several years until we were introduced to the Portuguese Water Dog- a non-shedding, hypoallergenic breed that many allergy sufferers can tolerate. Soon thereafter, our first PWD Sadee joined our family enriched our lives.   

Since then my commitment to canine education has been ongoing; attending courses, seminars as well as continued personal training (class and private) with all of our dogs.  Science based research in positive reinforcement training has strengthened my beliefs and expanded my  knowledge/skill level in this method of dog training.   I  have achieved certification in “The Third Way” a training course which supports this philosophy. Along with training my own dogs, I am also a head instructor at a local dog obedience training school.

In support of our National breed club (PWDCC), I volunteered in the position of breeder contact for many years.  Although I enjoy most dog sports, my main focus for competition is obedience, water work, conformation, agility and rally-o.

Nemeau and I have earned several awards and titles including the Bronze, Silver and Gold Register of  Merit awards presented by the Portuguese Water Dog Club of America (PWDCA) in rocognition of overall multiple title achievements, as well as #1 obedience PWD in Canada for 2006, 2009 and 2011.  

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Henri (Harry) is a vital part of the day to day functions here at Charbr.  Although his primary focus is to keep our dogs in top physical condition, as a husband and  father his duties extend to driving us to shows, volunteering at breed funtions and helping out with water work practice (also partnering in competition alongside Cindy to achieving  the Courier Water dog excellance title).

Also passionate about the Portuguese water dog, he is our #1 fan, supporter and photographer!  His previous PWDCC Volunteer efforts for many years included Membership Coordinator as well as on the Board of Directors …a true enthusiast! For now the focus is more for his personal interest which includes designing and constructing various articles for training purposes for our puppies as well as our adult dogs. There never seems to be an end to the canine skills he displays or to the things required of him from his mates (canine and human).   His talent also extended to the obedience ring where he and Chloe earned their obedience Novice Companion Dog title (CD).  

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Arielle grew up experiencing the hobby world of many various dog sports and continues to have them as part of her life today.  At a very young age she began conformation handling multiple dog breeds as a junior competitor including Golden Retrievers, Vizslas, American Eskimos, Shelties, Shiloh Shepherds & Great Danes.  She was privileged to work with with many top professional handlers assisting them through demanding summer show circuits & numerous conformation events throughout the year. In the earlier days she could be seen in the obedience and rally rings training and competing with our dogs,  achieving many titles in various CKC, AKC, UKC and CARO events.  Arielle was the first Jr competitor in Canada to earn a Water Certificate presented by the PWDCA. She focused her post secondary education in the Public Relations field and is now employed at The University Of Toronto as part of their event planning team.  She still manages to find time for the sport she loves the most- conformation showing.  Thanks to her passion and skill level, Charbr enjoys having her train and handle many of our current and prospective conformation show champions.

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Although Brennan is the youngest in the family his commitment to the dogs has always been all grown up.  Achieving early success in the Jr. conformation ring he also attended classes with Poppy to start her off in puppy obedience.  Although he has since stepped away from the limelight, working in a full time career, hecontinues to engage in swimming the dogs for conditioning, assisting in water training (as boat rower & equipment carrier) as well as taking care of our dogs daily needs at home. He a special rapport with our puppies committing himself to hours of handling, socializing, getting to know their individual personalities, as well as being their own personal chew toy during bite inhibition training!  Our male dog Nemeau's registered name (Sonho Do Menino Novo) translated into English means 'young boy's dream' in Brennan's honour.  

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