Our Philosophy

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Matching and blending parental lineages (pedigrees) that focus on health, temperament and sound conformation is our ultimate goal.  With this in mind we work closely with other well respected breeders, striving to produce puppies that compliment the breed standard, aiming for the highest quality all-around family companion.  As long standing members, we adhere to and respect the breeder guidelines established by the Portuguese Water Dog Club of Canada and the Portuguese Water Dog Club of America.  In addition to following ethical practices (including health testing protocols) we also incorporate and implement science based strategic, time-specific rearing techniques geared to compliment various developmental stages in a puppy's early life.  Charbr is a certified     Avidog International LLC., associate breeder implementing science in breeding and rearing stable, healthy puppies.                                        


                                        What we provide for you

Every puppy is sent home with a complimentary 'puppy kit' which includes:

-a comprehensive manual (in electronic format) explaining the care and keeping of your new family member exclusively produced for you by us at Charbr.

-positive, science-based teaching/educational materials (in electronic format) to aid you in the raising and training of your new puppy


-a Microchip for identification registered with the Canadian Kennel Club

-a Veterinarian Opthamoligist eye exam & report

-a complete Veterinarian examination including first vaccination series 

-a schedule of deworming followed by a laboratory stool evaluation

-toys and a blanket with the comforting scent of their birth home

-documentation for your puppy including their complete medical history, companion contract, CKC purebred registration information and 8 weeks of complementary comprehensive pet medical insurance 

                                  Developmental care for our puppies

Early Veterinary care includes a complete examination, insertion of identification microchips, initial vaccination administration and deworming (followed by a laboratory stool evaluation).  Additionally each puppy is individually examined for vision health by a Registered Canine Opthalmologist before they leave us.  Litters are registered with the CKC with individual registrations to follow as our puppies are sold on companion non-breeding agreeements.

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Litters are raised in our home and are exposed to all aspects of our daily life.  In the first few weeks puppies are socialized within our immedieate family (human and dogs), a necessary step to protect both mother and babies from outside health hazards. When the puppies are old enough we encourage new family owners and friends to visit for scheduled play dates.  From day 3 to 16 days old (a time of rapid neurological growth and development), Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) exercises are performed which are proven to enhance the development of  a puppy.  At a later stage, bite inhibition techniques are introduced in order to help reinforce appropriate mouthing behaviours.  Puppies develop in a custom built activity centre to play with toys and interact with experiencing different surfaces and structures to walk on and tunnels to play in.  Early exposure to sounds of daily living include radios, T.Vs, other adult dogs, banging pots and pans, vacuum cleaning, grinding of coffee beans and even the occasional noise of a power tool!  We also take full advantage of our busy neighbourhood which presents the perfect location to introduce puppies to dozens of new experiences for early desensitizations: the sights and sounds of traffic including: fire trucks, police sirens, motor cycles, bicycles, skateboards, baby strollers, pedestrians and so on.  Our goal is to give puppies the healthiest, happiest and most beneficial start possible in life.  In support of these goals we have invested in commercial steam cleaning equipment for the maintenance and disinfection of our puppy pens, bedding and articles without the use of harsh chemicals.

                                      What we do for our puppies 

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At approx 8 weeks old temperaments are evaluated to assist us in determining the best fit between puppies' personalities and their new families needs as well as structural examinations for conformation show or performance prospects.  Puppies receive ongoing grooming (nail trimming, bathing, exposure to hair dryers, brushing and combing etc.) in order to accustom them to lifelong necessary routines.  Crate training is also introduced helping new owners transition puppies to crating in their homes.  A final beauty parlour session of bathing and trimming has your new Charbr baby looking their best for that ever so special home coming day!

Our puppies are available to approved homes at approximately 8-9 weeks of age.

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