#1 Canadian Obedience Competition Portuguese Water dog- 2006, 2009 & 2011



Nemeau (who also answers to Kitty) joined our family a few short months after our first PWD, Sadee.  Harry wanted a male for our second dog and this boy was too hard to resist.  One day we accepted an invitation to watch Nemeau's father compete in the show ring, having no idea what was to follow.  Our daughter Arielle was captivated, and in no time she had Nemeau show trained and ready to make his mark in the conformation ring.  Their bond has given them great success of which our family is very proud, including Best Puppy in Group, several Best of Breed wins, Working Group placements and a Reserve Best in Show.  In 2005 Arielle was only fourteen years old when she pointed Nemeau to the #4 overall conformation PWD in Canada, an accomplishment well beyond both their years! But this was only the beginning of Nemeau's story…..

Since puppyhood Nemeau and Cindy have trained and competed together in various sports and have achieved numerous titles in both Canada and the USA.

-#5 overall PWD in obedience in Canada in 2005

-#1 overall PWD in obedience in Canada in 2006, 2009 and again in 20011

-#9 overall PWD in Novice obedience PWDCA in 2007

-Courier Water Dog Title (X2) PWDCC trials Ariss, Ontario -August 2009

-In October 2009 in Maryland, USA Nemeau earned himself the highest title level in water work possible: the Courier Water Dog Excellent Title (CWDX)…and if that wasn't enough, on the second day of the trial he qualified for 'Versatility' award as well.  This award is designed for dogs that have completed the CWDX title testing the true versatility of the working dog by combining exercises from the different water title levels.  Four water trials and four qualifying runs all in a row…..making him the first Canadian born PWD to achive this level of accomplishment…..what a summer it was!

-#10 Working dog in Canada 2009

-Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards of Merit qualifier presented by the Portuguese Water Dog of America in recognition of numerous titles earned in multiple ares of competition. 

-Wins Best Veteran in Sweeps and Best Male Veteran PWDCC National Specialty, August 2012

-Wins Best Veteran in PWDCC Regional Specialty December 2012

-Nemeau wins best Veteran in sweeps and best male veteran at PWDCC Regional Specialty 2013

-Nemeau wins Best of Breed and Best Veteran in Group at the Working /Herding Specialty August 2013

 At eleven years young he earned his retirement from performance competition but continued working here at Charbr by helping our family introduce guests to the wonders of this breed,  gracefully bringing up the young ones and mentoring our future prospects. Nemeau brought balance and calmness to our home and his presence can still be felt even though he has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.  Sadly on New Year’s eve 2016, at age 13 1/2 Nemeau left this world… probably spending his forever days swimming in the sunshine, somthing he loved best in life.

Of course his fame and true greatness he didn't understand or care about, but for the humans who met him and witnessed his achievements,  knew how remarkable he was, the most perfect ambasssator of the breed. God speed our loved will live forever in our hears.

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